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Automotive repair shop Badass Broncos is hidden New Braunfels gem

By Brian Rash | | Updated 

The precision work that goes into making Ford Broncos look like they just came out of the factory is on display at virtually every corner of Badass Broncos in New Braunfels.

The evolution of the vehicles at the 20,000-square-foot facility is visible from one automobile to the next. Empty shells with no tires, doors or engines rest beside completely restored, mint condition rebuilds.

“A lot of the vehicles we [work on], people inherited them,” co-owner Woody Ferrebee said. “They pass them down from grandfather to father. … And you truly wouldn’t recognize them when we’re done.”

Ferrebee opened Badass Broncos in New Braunfels with his wife, Colleen Ferrebee, in November 2017.

However, he said his love of automobiles dates back to his childhood.

“My father had a body shop, and when I left the military, him and I started a body shop in West Virginia … but I let him have the business,” he said.

Though the custom body shop and dealership does not only build and work on Broncos—a mint condition 1969 Chevy Camaro being repaired at the shop was on display one recent afternoon—they account for the bulk of the vehicles on-site.

Ferrebee said clients can pretty much expect any kind of work from the eight highly trained employees at Badass Broncos, from extensive body repair to brake jobs to motor installations to custom paint jobs.

The shop operates out of three main buildings at its location off Loop 337, and Ferrebee said his shop can even facilitate builds of Broncos from scratch.

As one example, the crew replaced metal on the frame of a late 1970s Bronco, added larger tires, put in a modern engine, installed a lift kit to raise the height of the body and gave it a complete paint job.

Though Ferrebee said he might benefit from advertising, the crew at his shop have not had trouble staying busy.

“We’ve got more than we can do as it is,” he said.

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