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At Badass Broncos, we are happy to announce that we are offering custom paint services for all types of vehicles. 

Our customers are car owners who know the value of quality paint work on their classic and collectible cars and trucks. They are looking to make their vehicle stand out above all the others. They understand the process required to have a car with a paint job that is superior to what you would get from a nationwide chain. 

The Badass Auto Paint Process

It starts with media blasting a car body down to the metal. Then we can inspect for any imperfections, rust or corrosion issues.

The next step involves applying an epoxy for rust suppression. This provides the necessary protection from rust and also stops exposure to humidity, that could cause corrosion in bare metal areas of your vehicle’s exterior.

Followed by spraying on primer surfacer which acts like liquid bondo with 2 to 3 stages of priming being applied.

Then we spray a sealer that acts as light scratch prevention. The car color depends on what you ordered; it can be either two or three stage custom colors, with tri-coat painting giving the appearance of 3D depth. 

Finally, after each coat has dried thoroughly and cured for 24 hours to make sure there are no bubbles or defects in paintwork, we apply several coats of clear protective enamel.


Before you hire an auto paint company

Auto painting is an art AND a science and anyone who says otherwise has not done their research. It takes great patience and finesse along with the understanding of what works best for your spray gun because if you don’t get it right then all that hard work will have to be done again. 

we aren't for everyone

There is a difference between a regular auto paint shop and the Badass Auto Paint method.

We perform specialized work for clients that know the value added by a custom paint job to their vehicle. Our custom paint jobs range in price, depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Schedule an appointment and let’s discuss your needs.

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